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Your financial support enables MCC to serve people in tangible ways and to reach others with the hope of Christ.

You can give on Sunday mornings.

You can set up through your bank's Bill Pay to have a check sent to the church directly - weekly, by-weekly or monthly.

We are still working on setting

something up here on line for

you to be able to give...


The word “tithe” literally means “tenth”

or 10%. Tithing means giving ten percent of your income to God.

We believe that all that we have or hope to have, comes from God.

Tithing is giving back to God what was His, to begin with.  

God is the supplier of everything, and tithing teaches us to always put God

first in our lives.


We can give financially but we can

also give of our time and talents.

We'd love to match you up with a volunteer opportunity that fits

your interest and ability. 

"They are to do good, be rich in good works, be generous and ready to share..."

1 Tim. 6:18

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