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Manchester Christian Church is a non-denominational church. This means we are a church that is self-governing  (independent) and not affiliated with any larger denomination or organization. We are accountable to God only, and adhere to the teachings of Christ and the Bible as the sole standard of faith and practice. All decisions and authority are derived from Holy Scripture and overseen by the Elders of the church. (1Tim. 3:1-8)

Independent Christian Churches, like MCC, have their founding in the Restoration Movement. Our worship emphasizes gathering, singing praise with music, baptism, offering communion weekly, biblical teaching, and prayer.


Even though we are independent, we still work with other church ministries and missions who do the work of Jesus. What is most important in a church is that it faithfully teaches and adheres to the immutable teachings of Scripture. We endeavor to follow the command written in Matthew 28:19-20 that we are to be, and equip others to be, disciples of Christ who reach others for Christ.

Below is our Mission & Vision Statement. As followers of Jesus, we believe it's important to know that it's always about the mission, not the methods! Methods need to change in order to accomplish the mission. This means as a living, active church, we will want to explore different ways to connect and love people for the sake of Christ.


To show God’s love to everyone and share the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ.


To GROW not only in knowledge but in faith and LOVE; to SERVE not only the local church but the world at large proclaiming the good news of Jesus to all.

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